At Dogs Wanna Have Fun, we offer daily visit services.


Pets are part of our families. They provide us with love and companionship and joy. When we treat our pets as family, there are certain routines that our dogs get accustomed to and look forward to every day. Daily Visit services are offered because there are times when you just can't get home to do something. 

Family Vacation without Your Pet

Scheduling a family vacation is most common during the spring months when the children have spring break. Getting away during this time is easier because there are no kids summer jobs that might conflict and school is out. Ensuring your pet gets their daily walks with dog walking services is key to having a peaceful vacation knowing your pets are doing ok at home without your presence.


A Meeting Runs Late

Sometimes meetings run longer than expected, and we get that! It happens to everyone. If you're in a bind and think you can't get home to feed your furry family members, administer medication, take them for a walk or even just sit with an anxious pet, we're here to help.

Many of our clients ask us to come in and just keep them company! 


Elderly Parent at Home Who Can't Do What You Need

Do you have a parent living with you? As people age, they can become frail or forgetful. We'd be happy to pitch in where needed. Morning, noon or evening, we can help you with simple things and can even let you know that Mom or Dad is doing just fine. We are happy to ease your mind with a simple daily visit. 


If your parent lives alone and can't properly care for their pet, we can even visit their home if you'd like.


Concentrate on what you need to do and we will provide the daily visit services!


Daily Visits

Daily Visit Services might be just what you need!