At Dogs Wanna Have Fun, we offer dog walking services.


Pets are part of our family. They provide us with love and companionship and joy. When we treat our pets as family, there are certain routines that our dogs get accustomed to and look forward to every day. Dog walking services are the most common type of service we provide because there are a variety of reasons you may need an outside service to take care of your pet.

Family Vacation Without Your Pet

Scheduling a family vacation is most common during the spring months when the children have spring break. Getting away during this time is easier because there are no kids summer jobs that might conflict and school is out. Ensuring your pet gets their daily walks with dog walking services is key to having a peaceful vacation knowing your pets are doing ok at home without your presence.

Short or Extended Business Trip

If your job requires you to travel from time to time, your pet should still keep a good healthy walking routine to keep up on their daily exercise. Knowing their owner is away is enough anxiety for a pet. To not be able to go outside and sniff familiar territory and mark their path for other dog friends to discover – this is a problem for you dog and might make them depressed or ill. Why not hire Niles and Friends to come over during the day and provide dog walking services? It’s very easy. We are bonded and insured and having a friend visit with your pet will lessen their anxiety while you are away. We also offer the ability to stay over with your pet, but we can discuss if that is something that you and your pet would require.


Surgery or when you need Recovery Time

If you've had surgery, it might take more out of you than you expected. Our bodies need time to heal.


Some dogs are aware of these issues and will be gentle with you, however can't risk their sudden urge to run if they see a pesky squirrel. It doesn’t take much for a dog on a leash to pull you in such a way that you are sent back to the emergency room. If you’ve just had surgery, do not hesitate to call Dogs Wanna Have Fun to come over for a week or two and walk your dog.


We can provide a morning and afternoon session or even just once a day. We tailor each client with exactly what they need. We'll insure that you can concentrate on being healthy. We will provide the dog walking services!


Cold, Flu or other Weakening Illness

When a horrible cold, flu or other virus has you weak in the knees and just not able to get out of bed and venture outside, it’s a great time to call a dog walking service like Dogs Wanna Have Fun. Sometimes you’ve got to let your body heal and build back strength. A cool windy day might just delay your recovery time a bit.


It might just be for a few days, but at Dogs Wanna Have Fun, we would be happy to walk your dog for you while you are on the mend. A happy, healthy dog that is exercised regularly will not be underfoot and have you upset because you cannot walk the dog. Let us take that pressure off for you!


Busy at Work or Other Things

Many work-at-home pet owners struggle when there are times when you might have important webinars or meetings or just an hour or two in the afternoon when you need to fully concentrate on a project.


At Dogs Wanna Have Fun, we can arrange to have your dog or dog(s) out of the home so you can concentrate and/or participate in these work events without interruptions.


Ever go on a webinar and hear the dogs parking in the background of people on the call? It is distracting! Don’t be that participant! If it's truly an important project, call us and we'll make sure your pet is not on the premises during these important business moments. See our rate page for details. 

Dog Walking

Dog Walking Services Might Be Just What You Need