Dogs Wanna Have Fun is a locally owned and operated service that focuses on allowing you the flexibility of being away so that you can do what you need to do. We'll walk your dog when you can't be home and we'll have take care of them when you're away.

We are very localized to serve you best. Our service area is only in North Raleigh from STREETS

Our Services

Sometimes you aren't comfortable going away because you don't have a great place to keep your pets.

We are the answer!

We can come to you for a night, a week or more and either visit or stay overnight.  

Pet Sitting

Some dogs need more activity than others. Dogs can get bored very easily at home and when they're bored, they get into mischief.

Getting them outside for a walk will allow them to exercise not only their body, but their mind as well.  

We Love Dog Walks!

Dog Walking

When you're out of the house at work, doing errands even busy for the day, we can come and take out your dog so that you don't need to worry about getting back in time to prevent an accident.  

Just think of us as

Accident Prevention Specialists.

Daily Visits